Breaking Metrics is a forum that aims to break the barriers of conventional wisdom surrounding modern economic, cultural, and political dialog.

This platform encourages readers to think differently about the metrics behind money movement and serves as an educational tool for finding patterns and anomalies in data.

The Rebel Economist and Breaking Metrics are neither Left nor Right leaning – instead, we understand one thing is very clear:

There is no such thing as free lunch.

Who is “RMAHD”?

RMA are my initials. I’m a civil engineer by day and pretend economist by night. I hold Masters degrees in both Civil Engineering and International Economics and have been building bridges and reading charts for well over 13 years. I created Breaking Metrics and The Rebel Economist newsletter as a way to engage friends and family in finding patterns and anomalies in stocks, crypto, and other macro-economic data that impact our lives.

Your investment strategies could differ from mine based on your risk tolerances, research, and time horizon, so I encourage you to do your own research as information provided by The Rebel Economist or Breaking Metrics should never be considered financial advice.