• There’s a possibility the market rallies regardless of what the Fed does tomorrow
  • There are hidden bullish divergences on most coins across the market
    • Below are the ones I’m looking at this week

Bullish on Ethereum

  • RSI is falling but price is rising – this is bullish
  • Looking to add to my ETH position when the 4-Hour RSI level hits around 30
    • I’m assuming price will drop, breaking the white support line tomorrow when the Fed announces additional rate hikes in the future.

Polygon Re-Entry

  • The 4-Hour RSI is already oversold – I am starting my purchases here in rounds; if price falls, I’ll continue to add more
  • Price is falling but the RSI is falling faster – this is bullish
  • Expecting a bounce in the next few days (possibly after the Fed announcement tomorrow is priced in)


  • Another hidden bullish divergence
    • 4-Hour RSI is dropping and price is rising
    • This is a bullish pennant
  • A leg up from here will continue to confirm my thesis that we are in an accumulation phase
    • A leg up should carry the rest of the crypto market up with it

Algorand Topping Off

  • Price is rising with the RSI – this is bearish
  • I have sold my $ALGO and waiting for a re-entry

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