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Wednesday Market Review: Look Out Below!

There is a substantial amount of volatility in all markets right now – as expected.

  • I am sitting in cash positions on Binance except for Polkadot, Cosmos, Bitcoin, and Chainlink.
  • I am sitting in 80% cash on my equities positions. 20% still in assets (still in profit).
  • I am remaining in cash until the dust settles. I need the following answered before I buy again:
    • What will CPI print tomorrow?
    • What will Binance and the SEC do with FTX?

News of FTX insolvency has crypto markets plummeting.

Bitcoin / $BTC

Yesterday Bitcoin sat at ~$19k: I called for $BTC at $14k.

We’re currently sitting around $16k.

  • Next target remains at $14k unless otherwise invalidated
  • News of what will happen to FTX, Solana, and Binance over the next few days will determine where the Bitcoin bottom is this time around
  • The market is clearly weeding out broken projects (Celsius, Voyager, Luna, and now FTX)
    • Solana used to trade at ~$255
    • It’s currently trading at $14

S&P 500 / $SPY

  • Clear rejection of resistance
  • SPY headed lower with crypto
  • CPI print tomorrow will tell us more about which direction the market is headed
  • Market strength and momentum is absent

Dollar Strength Index / $DXY

  • Bear channels on the $DXY tell us a top is close or already reached
    • Three peaks means strength is waning (typical double or triple top formation)
  • The Fed is losing steam raising rates at 75bps each FOMC meeting
    • They’ll continue to raise rates but should begin to taper off the amount they’re raising each meeting or else risk unemployment levels beyond what the US economy can sustain