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New on Fraywire: Our BIGGEST Update Yet! Newswire, Bookmarks, Dashboards, and More


New on Fraywire:


  • A brand new newsfeed to capture market sentiment was launched on Fraywire.
  • Users can find the Newswire in the menu or by selecting “Newswire” on the “My Market” Dashboard.
  • These articles are collated from hand-selected sources by Fraywire.
  • Topics cover finance, politics, culture, engineering, tech, and much more.

Hidden Dashboards

  • Remove the clutter and block out the noise by hiding certain parts of your dashboard.
  • Pressing the Date & Time header will hide or show your main Dashboard so you can focus on My Market.
  • Or you can choose to hide My Market by tapping on “None” and focus on your main Dashboard widgets – you have full control over what you see.

Shared Articles & Comments

  • Selecting an article will take you to a dedicated page before leaving Fraywire. Here you can share a link to the article, comment, and even like what you’re reading.
  • Tapping on the article image or title will take you out of Fraywire and to the news source

Bookmarks & News

  • An all new Bookmarks feature can be accessed from the menu or from any news article you find on Fraywire
  • Create categories to organize your news stories so you can reference topics for your market research
  • You can bookmark any article on its shared page underneath its preview.
  • You can also create more categories on the fly and access your bookmarks from here.

New Bitcoin ETF Flows Widget

  • Fraywire users can add a new widget displaying daily Bitcoin ETF flows
  • The widget shows flows from various ETF’s – data is sourced from The Block

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