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New Membership Levels and Fraywire Subscription

Markets are complicated and our goal is to un-complicate them.

We’re not JP Morgan. We’re not BlackRock. Investing in a market where these massive institutions dictate the ups and downs is like gambling at a casino if you aren’t armed with the right information and tools to keep you prepared. Speaking of gambling, when it comes to risking your investments, it’s important to avoid treating the market like an online casino.

Even if you aren’t actively investing, knowing where and how money moves is essential to navigating job markets, purchasing a home, or just knowing when to save more than you normally do. Being economically literate is vital to surviving in today’s world.

Starting today, we’re going to make things a little easier for subscribers by streamlining newsletters and tools. Memberships are being bundled into Three Tiers that give you more control over what you want and don’t want to see.

Let’s dive right into it!

  • This tier gives you the Money Mondays Rebel Economist newsletter only
  • You’ll get general market overviews for the week every Monday morning or afternoon
  • Focus will remain on the S&P 500 and Bitcoin to cover stocks and crypto
  • This membership is free and included with your subscription

  • With a Tier 2 Membership, you can truly become a Rebel Economist – this is where we get into the charts!
  • Get the Money Monday newsletter and a mid/late week Market Review
  • The Market Review newsletter dives deep into technical analysis on specific stocks and cryptocurrencies
  • If you’re looking for hidden gems, price patterns about to break out, or just something different from the general market trends, this is the tier for you
  • Rebel Economist subscriptions are $10/month but discounts are offered for yearly subscriptions
    • This amounts to ~$2/week to get an additional two weekly updates on specific assets that are impacting indexes like the S&P and Dow Jones
  • If you were previously donating to The Rebel Economist, you’re automatically grandfathered into this tier

  • Get the Money Monday newsletter, the Mid-Week Market Reviews, and exclusive access to the Fraywire Market Terminal
  • Fraywire Pro memberships will have your account added to the Fraywire Terminal so you get all the tools you need to do your market research in one comprehensive dashboard:
    • Easy to use TradingView charts and market widgets you’re already familiar with
    • Fully customizable Dashboard – see only what you want to see and ignore the clutter
    • “The Wire” – a curated newsfeed made by rmahd
    • Customized watchlist in your ticker tape (if you want)
    • Personal notes for all your stocks and crypto
    • Visit the Explore Page to find new assets to invest in
    • Add assets to “My Market” lists and customize where you see them on your Dashboard
    • Publish (or keep private) your own investment thesis for any asset on the market
    • Macro-economic charts and data in one page – stay updated on Fed Meetings and CPI prints
    • Crypto and stock picks by Fraywire
    • Light and Dark dashboard themes
    • Add or remove sidebars to focus on the important stuff
  • The best bang for your buck. For what amounts to a Starbucks coffee each month, you get exclusive access to a fully customizable, proprietary Market Terminal along with the best the newsletters have to offer.
    • Imagine paying 55-cents a day to have access to a slew of market information right at your fingertips.
  • You will need to purchase and retain this membership tier to access the Fraywire Terminal
  • This subscription helps keep the servers up, even when the markets are down.

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