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How Does Fraywire Work?

Fraywire is the Market Portal developed by Breaking Metrics. It’s free to use and has options for users to upgrade their accounts to get more out of the platform.

In this tutorial, we’ll go over the basics on getting your Fraywire dashboard up and running to keep you updated on market trends.

Creating a Dashboard

  1. Click on “My Dashboards” from the menu
  2. Create a new Dashboard and open it
  3. Give your Dashboard a name
  4. Select widgets from the options to add to your Dashboard
  5. Widgets range from advanced trading charts to simple text boxes for you to write notes in
  6. You can also add the news or view commodity prices with these widgets
  7. If you’re happy with your dashboard, don’t forget to set it as your Default Dashboard in the options menu

Changing Themes

  1. Open the menu and select “Settings”
  2. Scroll down to Select a Theme
  3. Select Light or Dark and “Save Theme” when you’re finished
  4. Going back to your dashboard or viewing any asset will display your new theme

My Market

“My Market” is a section on your homepage that displays Market Sectors for you to explore.

You can tap on the Date & Time header to hide your Dashboard or scroll down below your Dashboard to find “My Market”.

Select any Sectors to display market data on your homepage or you may select “Newswire” for news or “None” to keep this section blank

Exploring Market Sectors

Users have additional options to explore the market.

  1. Select “Market Sectors” from the menu
  2. Explore through the Market Sectors Heatmap to see how each sector is performing – red means prices are moving down; green means prices are moving up.
  3. Similar to the sectors you find on the homepage, you may select any Market Sector from the list below the Heatmap to learn more.
  4. Scrolling further down will give you general market news and the sentiment of each post.

Assets, Stocks, and Crypto

Start typing in the search bar up top to look for an asset. You may search for any stocks or crypto currencies

At the asset page, you can change the chart type from simple to advanced where you can markup your charts, view earnings, add the asset to a watchlist, and view fundamentals.


  1. Head over to “My Watchlists” from the menu
  2. Give your watchlist a name and select “create”
  3. Open your watchlist and add notes if you need them
  4. Search for an asset using the search bar and select it to add it to the list
  5. Selecting the options button on the right of an asset’s row will display details about the asset like a chart and fundamentals if available
  6. These watchlists can later be added to your dashboard using the Dash Editor


Staying updated on market news is just as important as tracking prices

Fraywire sources news from across the market and neatly displays articles for you in the “newswire” found in the menu.

The Newswire can also be added to the “My Market” section of your homepage


You can bookmark any article you find on Fraywire by selecting the article and opening the “Bookmark” option on its share page.

Here, users can add the article to an existing bookmark category, create a new new bookmark category, and even comment on the article in a public forum.

You can also share the page to social media or copy a link to share in an email.