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  • Mid-Week Market Review: CPI, the Fed, and a Stressed Economy
    Listen to this podcast on YouTube and Spotify. Today is Wednesday, June 12th, 2024 and here’s our mid-week market review. This morning, we’re all eyes on the May CPI Report, set to be released shortly. It’s expected to provide critical insights into the current inflation trends. Additionally, the Federal Reserve is meeting today to announce any new rate changes. The outcome of this meeting could have significant implications for the markets. In market news, the S&P 500 hit a new record high yesterday, signaling strong performance despite economic uncertainties. On the corporate front, Dick’s Sporting Goods has its earnings… Read More »Mid-Week Market Review: CPI, the Fed, and a Stressed Economy
  • Money Monday: Boeing, CVS, and Credit Card Debt
    Content[ Hide ]Top NewsOn Our WatchlistCryptoTop News From CNBC. “F.A.A. won’t clear Boeing to increase seven-thirty-seven Max production for several months, agency head says.”This is a significant setback for Boeing, which has been trying to ramp up production following previous issues with the 737 Max. The F.A.A.’s decision indicates ongoing concerns about the aircraft’s safety, which could have a substantial impact on Boeing’s production schedules and financial outlook. “Wall Street Asks Biden Not to Veto Congress’ Rejection of S.E.C. Crypto Policy.”This headline highlights the ongoing tug-of-war between regulatory bodies and the crypto industry. Wall Street’s plea to President Biden… Read More »Money Monday: Boeing, CVS, and Credit Card Debt
  • Monthly Market Review: Bitcoin Hits New ATH, Nvidia Nears $1000
    March 13, 2024 What You Missed March 8Nvidia broke $970/ share March 11Bitcoin Hits New ATH March 12Inflation Interesting Finds Turtle Beach Boeing Palo Alto Networks
  • Headwinds for Powell’s Soft Landing?
  • Melt Up?