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Paper money, a house of cards, fiat, a ponzi scheme. Whatever you want to call it, currency is fluid and keeps the world moving. It starts wars, funds wars, and ends wars. It allows us to earn a living, work, and help others. And we like to study it, watch it, and learn from it.

Breaking Metrics is an archive of posts published from a periodic newsletter read by investors, engineers, and enthusiasts looking to learn more about money, whether it’s the US Dollar, the Euro, or Cryptocurrency. In the spirit of learning, we’ve created a customizable, robust market portal for you to learn with us.

Fraywire was born out of the frustrations of dealing with half-assed, cheaply built, inoperable market research tools. It aims to simplify the research process and streamline learning into three primary engines: your Dashboard, your Watchlists, and the News.

Fraywire is free for all users. We also offer a paid version to help us keep our servers running and expand on speed and reliability where needed. For only $40/ year, you can help support this project and get more features out of the Fraywire Portal.

Breaking Metrics and Fraywire were created by Roy Antoun, a civil engineer with Master’s Degrees in both Civil Engineering and International Economics.

Your investment strategies could differ from mine based on your risk tolerances, research, and time horizon, so I encourage you to do your own research as information provided by The Rebel Economist or Breaking Metrics should never be considered financial advice.