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  • Mid-Month Market Review: Boeing, Bitcoin, Inflation, and More
    What You Missed: Boeing’s stock heads for 17-month low as the bad news keeps coming ‘What Are We Waiting for’? SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce Discusses Moving Crypto Regulation Foward U.S. oil prices fall, with weekly crude supplies up by nearly 6 million barrels US inflation jumps as fuel and housing costs rise… Read More »Mid-Month Market Review: Boeing, Bitcoin, Inflation, and More
  • Monthly Market Review: Bitcoin Hits New ATH, Nvidia Nears $1000
    March 13, 2024 What You Missed March 8Nvidia broke $970/ share March 11Bitcoin Hits New ATH March 12Inflation Interesting Finds Turtle Beach Boeing Palo Alto Networks
  • Headwinds for Powell’s Soft Landing?
  • Crypto Surprise and Stocks Possibly Crawling Up
    Markets were closed yesterday for the holiday, so our normal “Money Mondays” is being released today on Tuesday this week.
  • Melt Up?
  • Still on Target
  • They’re cashing out before the storm
  • Wednesday Market Review: FOMC & The Bear Market
    FOMC: Let’s assume: The direction these indicators swing (and how much they swing) will help gauge where asset prices could be.We can also use the ERI to help us determine how bad economic conditions are for the average American. There are 2 ways the Fed controls inflation: (1) Supply, (2) Demand If we assume economic conditions… Read More »Wednesday Market Review: FOMC & The Bear Market
  • Money Monday: The Soft Landing
    Take Note: Jerome Powell might be onto to something S&P 500 / $SPX The Money Supply The Cost Bitcoin / $BTC
  • Friday Crypto Review: It’s Still a Downtrend
    Position Restructuring Bitcoin vs. Ethereum Logic behind this portfolio structure: Charts My thesis going into the winter months is as follows: Bitcoin / $BTC Polkadot / $DOT Chainlink / $LINK Polygon / $MATIC Algorand / $ALGO

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