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The Fraywire Terminal

The Fraywire Economic Terminal is included with your Fraywire|Pro Membership

Research Assets Your Way

The Terminal comes with a fully customizable dashboard or you can choose from a variety of preset formats to streamline your experience.

Charts and data are pulled from TradingView, Darqube, and proprietary widgets.

Customize your ticker tape, create watchlists, add them to your dashboard – never miss a beat on any of your favorite assets – stocks or crypto!

Users can even customize light or dark themes for late night research.

Plot it Out; Plan Ahead

Every asset on Fraywire has its own dedicated page where members can draw on advanced candlestick charts, review fundamentals, or add personalized notes to each asset.

Members can also draft their own strategies and update them as the markets move.

Create custom pages, share them with friends or on social media, or peruse through macroeconomic pages displaying vital data and charts that move world economies.

What are you waiting for?