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The Breaking Metrics Portal

The Portal is meant to be clean, simple, minimalist, and easy to use.

Whether you’re a Rebel Economist, Analyst, or Fraywire|Pro Member,
all subscribers can access the portal to review their account
and the latest content Breaking Metrics has to offer.

Your Dashboard Made Simple

A Market Snapshot

After logging in, you’ll immediately get access to the latest stock prices in the ticker at the top of the page and mini charts for the S&P 500 ETF and Bitcoin/USD.

The latest news, posts, tweets, and analyses are all available on the front page of your dashboard.

Fraywire|Pro Members get a fully customizable dashboard with watchlists, candlestick charts, and fundamentals.

Posts, News, and Analysis

Stay in the Loop

All posts and news are accessible for all members.

Analyses and Market Resources are available only to Analyst and Fraywire|Pro Members.

Money Monday posts and other notable news articles are posted here for members to access at any time.

Market Resources

Comprehensive Economic Guides

Reserved exclusively for Fraywire|Pro Members

The Market Resources page gives you access to special charts, guides, cheat sheets, infographics, and tools to help you stay informed on the economy

New resources are frequently added to Breaking Metrics so Members stay updated on current market trends.